LA Official: Return More Stolen Land

Is Angeles County local supervisor Janice Hahn has called for more stolen American land, stolen from people of color to be returned. 

The New York Post reported: 

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“Los Angeles County should serve as an example for the rest of America when it comes to returning lands stolen from African Americans and people onto color, local  supervisor Janice Hahn said.

Hahn only “woke up” to the reality of past and present racial prejudice when she learned of a strip of beachfront land in Manhattan Beach, Calif. that was stolen from its black owners more than 100 years ago, she told TMZ Friday.”

The beach was once known as Bruce’s Beach and owned by Charles Bruce. The land was returned to the descendants of Charles and Willa Bruce. 

The land is now worth a whopping 72 million dollars.

The issue is that it is unclear what land may have been stolen in certain areas, and who may be in possession of that land now.

The government cannot simply force lawful owners off of their own property due to the mistakes of officials from a hundred years ago or more. 

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