Biden Says He Won’t Leave ‘The Right to Privacy’ up To States Amid Roe Opinion

Joe Biden is making the same mistake that the 1973 Supreme Court did. Pretending that the right to privacy implies a right to abortions. 

Fox News reported, President Biden on Tuesday declared he is “not prepared” to leave the issue of privacy to “the whims” of the public in “local areas,” warning that a draft Supreme Court opinion overturning Roe v. Wade was a “radical decision” that would jeopardize “a whole range of rights.”

Supreme Court justices in 1973 argued that because the fourteenth amendments due process clause provides a “fundamental right to privacy” women have the right to choose whether or not to get an abortion. This was a humongous and baseless jump. 

The right to privacy would not be left up to the states or local governments, rather the legality of abortion would be. The legality of abortion and the right to privacy are not one and the same. 

All aspects of privacy relating to the government that Americans have are covered by the constitution, whereas the nonexistent “right to an abortion” is not, and was always meant to be a state issue. 

Biden is simply attempting to usurp powers that the constitution as per the 10th amendment clearly intended to be delegated to the States respectively. 


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