Trump Announces Possible 2024 Candidacy

After rumors emerge of a potential Trump 2024 candidacy, he announces at “CPAC” that the rumors may be far closer to reality than we might think. 

While on stage former president Trump claims “I might just have to beat them a third time” hinting at a possible presidential run during the next election. 

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If this were to happen, Trump would have to run against Joe Biden, an Incumbent. However, Trump may have the upper hand this time.

In the 2020 election Joe Biden was able to urge his supporters to vote by mail. Causing a massively unheard of voter turnout rate. With COVID gone, there would be no reason for universal mail in voting during the 2024 election. 

Trump also cleared up some other rumors at CPAC. He will not be creating a new political party. The future of Donald Trumps political career rests with Republicans.

“That was fake news” Trump proclaimed. He makes clear that his goal is to make the Republican Party stronger.

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