‘Muppets Babies’ Introduces a CROSSDRESSING Character, ‘Gonzorella’

In a recent episode of “Muppets Babies,” a show created for children ages 4-7, Gonzo was presented as a princess.

The show, aired by Disney Junior, is now facing backlash for this particular episode.

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A report explained that Gonzo wanted to go to the royal ball with his friends, and when he expressed his interest in wearing a dress, two of his male friends told him he should dress as a knight. A ‘fairy ratfather’ granted Gonzo’s wish and later his friends see “the most amazing princess”.

Gonzo confessed to his friends that the princess was really him by putting on his dress and saying “I’m Gonzarella”. Piggy and his other friends apologized for telling him what to wear and one character added “You’re our friend and we love you any way you are”.

While many support the show’s message of acceptance, others are angry that shows push gender agendas on children’s shows. Candace Owens in particular expressed her concern with the episode, calling it sick and perverted.


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