China To Provide Humanitarian Aid To Ukraine

FILE PHOTO: China's Wang Yi, state councillor and foreign minister, waves as he leaves a news conference in Tokyo, Japan, November 24, 2020. REUTERS/Issei Kato/Pool/File Photo

China’s Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, announced Monday that the country’s Red Cross will provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine “as soon as possible”.

Although China is providing aid to Ukraine, it has refused to condemn Russia’s actions and asked other nations to respect Russia’s “legitimate security concerns”.

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Yi also praised China’s relationship with Russia, describing the friendship as “rock solid”.

He said the causes of the “Ukraine situation” are “complex,” and used the expression “three feet of ice does not form in a single day”.

‘Solving complex problems requires calmness and rationality, rather than adding fuel to the fire and intensifying contradictions,” Yi told a news conference.

“China is willing to continue to play a constructive role in pushing for peace and promoting talks, and is willing to work with the international community to carry out necessary mediation when needed,” he explained.

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In an effort to resolve the crisis, China has promised to provide a batch of aid to Ukraine, but no further details were provided.

Commenting on China’s relationship with Russia, Yi said “No matter how sinister the international situation is, both China and Russia will maintain their strategic determination and continuously push forward comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination in the new era”.


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