New Data Shows HUGE Shift In Republican Support Among College Educated Men

For years the left-wing media has fed the American people the idea that Republican voters largely don’t have a college education.

A recent poll reported by MSNBC showed that there has been a major shift in voter preference for college-educated men, men who are not college-educated, and women who are not college-educated. Each has grown significantly in support of Republican representatives. 

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It’s important to note that a college education does not equate to actual intelligence or education. There are plenty of other paths that a person can peruse after high school that doesn’t require college. For example, many Americans attend a trade school, where they learn a skill and apply it to their field. 

The only category that had not shifted to favor Republican candidates was college-educated women. Non-college-educated women only gained Republican favor by two points. 

All categories other than college-educated women have been losing the taste for Democrats seemingly since 2018 according to MSNBC’s chart. 


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