Biden Admin Fights AGAINST Securing Elections in Georgia

When the people handling all of Biden’s calls and nap-times are angry about the way you conduct your elections, you know you’re doing something right.

Georgia’s controversial (for some reason) election laws have come under fire for the umpteenth time since being passed in the early spring. These laws, among providing various other provisions like extending early voting, mandate voter ID. Something that is not thought of when buying beer or boarding a plane, but somehow becomes racially tinged when applied to selecting governance over moldering cities and nations alike. Joe Biden has even gone as far as to liken Georgia’s voting laws to Jim Crow – he would know, being the current figurehead of the party that fought so hard on behalf of Crow.

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Not to mention, by Biden’s own admission he’s been a Senator for 120 years! He must really know his history then.

What’s even less convincing about the fake outrage geared toward the basic (extremely, bare-bones basic) election security measure of proving who you are, is all the cheerleading being heaped upon the “Department of Justice” for their lawsuit. Less than a year ago, former Attorney General Bill Barr and the entire DOJ were lambasted for being a corrupted, puppet department working on the behest of Trump and, by extension in the minds of cable news views, Russia. Odd how ruthless despots were so easily removed and how the department’s reputations so quickly inverted.

But what’s particularly tone-deaf about this constant and sustained attack on actual election security (nothing at all like mail-in-ballots), is the public’s opinion on voter ID. According to even the most cherry-picked polls and reports no less than 3 in 4 voters think positively of the concept that people voting in a certain name should have to prove that it is, in fact, theirs. Is the “will of the people” not something to consider in government? Is 75% not an overwhelming majority that transcends demographics? Perhaps it’s that Jim Crow era thinking of Biden and those like him to argue that walking into an SOS office is beyond the capabilities of minorities.


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