Amazon’s Internal Election Fraud

After Amazon advocated against voter ID laws, they struggle with internal voting problems. Amazon has fought relentlessly against Unionization, but Hundreds of ballots are challenged on the grounds of “tampering” and “eligibility”.

The New York Post reported: “About 500 of the ballots cast in Amazon’s landmark union election were challenged before the e-commerce titan took a commanding lead of the labor group involved in the push said.”

“The challenged ballots could make a difference if the number of votes in favor of unionizing Amazon’s Bessemer, Alabama, warehouse catches up with the number of votes against when counting resumes Friday, according to Reuters which first reported the figure.”

The ballots were disputed by the Retail, Wholesale, and Department store Union. 

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This problematic situation should illustrate to Amazon exactly why most states have laws in place that ensure voter eligibility and election security. 

As of now, there is 1,100 votes against unionization, and 463 votes in favor. The count will resume Friday. It is currently unknown if challenged ballots will even effect the result of the election. 

In a hypocritical move, Joe Biden has refused to recognize the election until the NLRB gets involved.


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