Minnesota Law Makers Look To Allow Counties To Secede

It is not every day, that state lawmakers introduce legislation that would allow counties to succeed and join another state. This, however is happening in Minnesota.

Fox 9 reported “A Republican Minnesota state representative is introducing legislation that would create a pathway for Minnesota counties to secede from the state and join the South Dakota.”

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“Rep. Jeremy Munson (R-Crystal Lake) introduced the bill Thursday and tweeted out an image of his vision, which depicted nearly every county west of the Twin Cities metro as part of a newly imagined South Dakota.” The Fox News Affiliate wrote.

We have seen similar movements in Texas and Oregon. Rural Oregonians looking to succeed into Idaho. In order for this to be possible, congress would have to approve the counties request to succeed from its home state.

The Fox affiliate also reported that South Dakotas Republican governor is in support of the push for legislation.

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