Man Assaulted On Delta Flight Because He Wasn’t Wearing A Mask

Tensions boiled over on a Delta flight from Tampa to Atlanta over Christmas weekend. 

An unidentified woman decided that she would take it upon herself to harass an older man about his in-air mask wearing habits. 

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A viral video shows the woman standing in the aisle next to the mans seat demanding that he pull his mask up. The man calls her “Karen.” Eventually his language becomes more vulgar. 

The man realizes that the woman, also isn’t wearing her mask and says, “you put your mask up, b—h.” To which she becomes incredibly angry and strikes him. “Did you just call me a bitch?” The man quickly informs her that the strike is a form of assault. 

During the entire video, there isn’t a moment where the woman is actually wearing her mask. While the altercation happens it remains over her chin, with her mouth and nose exposed. 

Flight staff attempt to restrain the woman after the assault. The older man says “as soon as we get to Atlanta, you’re going to jail.” 

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Delta airlines do require that face masks be work during the flight, but like other airlines make exceptions for passengers who are eating. 


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