NFL designates $250 MILLION to Fighting Systemic Racism

The NFL has committed $250 million to combating systemic racism. The question is, if systemic racism did still exist, how do you legally combat a policy issue with money? 

Where does this money actually go? To bailing out criminals? 

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Their money goes to places like the “United Negro College Fund” if systemic racism was truly holding down African Americans, they would not be accepted to college in the first place. 

However, the bar to be accepted into college is actually lower for blacks, than any other race thanks to affirmative action and forced diversity. 

Why not support Asians who are expected to have higher grades when applying for college due to stereotypes associated with their ethnicity? The reason, is because this is not an act of benevolence. It is a PR stunt to stay in the good graces of the leftist mob.

A group of black NFL stars making well over 25x the average income of a United States Citizen came forward and demanded the NFL do something, Ironically

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If the system held down those who looked like them, how did they get to where they are? They got to where they are, because they worked hard. Just like any other individual with a high income. 

The NFL claims a driving reason is that the former President conflated Collin Kaepernick taking a knee with disrespect for the flag and military. 

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Donald Trump did, conflate these things. He was right to do so. Refusing to stand during the national anthem is not only disrespectful to our nation, but also bad for ratings. 

The NFL commissioner himself believes that the field is not a place for protest and attempted to put policy in place designating designating protestors to stay in the locker rooms. 

Above all else this was the Presidents opinion. Despite him holding the highest public office in our country he is still entitled to his own views. 

After all how could someone who has so much stand against the country that made it all possible?


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