Democrat Rep CAUGHT Showing Up To Work In his Boxers!

There’s no doubt that remote working has induced laziness and comfortability in the work place, but it may have gone too far for some Democratic representatives. 

The Daily Caller reported, “While Democratic New York Rep. Yvette Clarke was speaking, Rep. Donald Payne stood up from what appeared to be his bed with a semi-exposed stomach and stayed in front of the camera for a few seconds before walking away, video shows.”

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From what can be seen, all other representatives are dressed up professionally in office settings with flags behind them. All the while Payne was on his bed, half dressed with his gut out. He recklessly displayed his undergarments to his colleagues, obviously not paying attention to the homeland security committee at hand. 

Yvette Clarke did not seem to notice the incident as it unfolded, but Florida Representative Kat Cammack (R) covered her mouth in shock as Payne stood up and stayed in front of the camera. 

A Republican Representative from Texas, Beth Van Duyne posted a video of the situation on Twitter claiming “Another reason Democrats should get off Zoom and back to work. #TheStruggleIsReal.”

Donald Trump Jr. also poked at Payne. “I guess this is why so many people in congress won’t talk about obesity as an epidemic in America!?!” Implying that the Representative was overweight.

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