House Of Republican Rep Vandalized By Anarchists

Nancy Mace, a representative from South Carolina was targeted by vandals on Memorial Day. Tuesday she tweeted out images of what had been done to her home. 

Among the messages spray painted on her home and on the sidewalk in front of it were “f**k you Nancy”, “all politicians are bastards”, “no gods no masters”, anarchist symbolism, and “pass the pro act”. Nancy explained that she felt threatened and frightened for the safety of her children that live in the home. “My kids aren’t even safe in their own home,” she explained. 

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The “Pro Act” was a bill that would increase protections for workers unions. Mace had voted against this bill in March. 

Those who do not favor congresswoman Mace wrote replies on Twitter claiming that her handwriting resembled the messages scrawled in spray paint. In reality, the letters were not awfully similar. This also means nothing, as writing with a pen, and writing with spray paint are completely different and would produce different letter styles naturally. 

Not only this, but several parks in Mace’s community were also hit by vandals who used similar symbolism. It’s very unlikely that Nancy Mace vandalized her own property, and then proceeded to vandalize parks in the area. 

The Daily Caller reported, This isn’t the first time Mace’s property has been vandalized. Her car was keyed with expletives in October about a month before she won her election

After Mace filed a report with the Charleston Police Department, an investigation into the matter has begun.

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