Congressmen Says Taliban Are Executing Young Boys To Crush Future Opposition

At what lengths would the Taliban go to ensure their future rule? 

According to former green barrette and Florida Rep, Mike Waltz, they would actually murder young boys in hopes of crushing future opposition. 

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“The Taliban are literally pulling out young boys and killing them so that no future generation can ever resist their rule. And they’re all partnered with al-Qaida,” Waltz said. 

“When is the administration going to let go of this fiction of hoping that we have an inclusive diverse government coming from the Taliban?” He inquired. “I mean, when are they going to let this go? 

The idea that the Taliban will ever form a fair and just regime is an idiotic one. The Taliban went door to door with American biometric databases hanging former allies of the United States government. 

The Taliban actively prevented American citizens from reaching the Kabul airport, opened fire on protestors who rejected their rule. 

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The Taliban banned women’s sports, and are now crippling their population by executing young men. 

The Daily Caller reported, Waltz said the Taliban are only interested in women “who stay at home and have babies” and do not think females should be educated or in the workforce.

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The congressman suggested the Democrats in the Biden administration “who are defenders of minorities and women’s rights” should be standing up to a terrorist regime and defend America’s Afghan “allies who want to fight and stand with us are suffering a genocide in Panjshir Valley.

But the Biden Administration will not stand up fir women’s rights in Afghanistan. Unfortunately the loss of rights it’s a situation that this administration put Afghanistan in. 

The administration, and the President in particular will not unequivocally admit that the blame for this situation is their own.   


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