Hispanic Rep. Bashes Dems: ‘They Use Immigrants For Political Power’

Do Democrats just use immigrants for political power? Texas Representative Mayra Flores says yes. 

The Daily Caller reported, Flores is a first-time candidate who won Texas’ 34th district in a special election. Flores received endorsements from House GOP Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

“These are people that claim they’re for immigrants, these are people that claim they’re for women, they’re for people of color, they’re not supporting me. They just use immigrants for political power. I support immigration, and that is why my focus will be improving the legal process so that good people who want to come here and work hard for the American dream don’t have to go through hell for the American Dream.” Flores said. 

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This is especially true when it comes to illegal immigrants. New York has actually allowed illegal immigrants to vote in local elections. Until recently this was law, but the Supreme Court intervened after months of the law standing. 

Joe Biden has fought since day one for illegal immigrants to be included in the census. How is that exploitation? Well, the census has a few purposes, population tracking is likely the least important. 

The census determines congressional seats, electoral voting power, and federal funding. Illegal immigrants cannot vote – while illegals are included in the census, their numbers inflate the political power of an area while they themselves are politically powerless and have no say in government. 

This creates an incentive to allow more illegals to live in any given state. If the state wants more voting power, they could bus illegal immigrants in, they would not have to house them or provide social programs to them, and they wouldn’t be able to vote. The state could just use them as placeholders for power. 

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These are just a few ways that Democrats take advantage of immigrants in a way that benefits them politically but doesn’t really seem to benefit the immigrant.


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