Man To Remove Anti-Biden Shirt Or Be Kicked Off Of Flight

Allegedly a Southwest flight passenger was informed that he had to either remove his political tee shirt, or remove himself from the plane. 

Will Johnson, of Unite America First was forced to go to the bathroom and turn his “F—k Biden” shirt inside out. The paying passenger was returning home after attending a boat parade for supporters of Donald Trump. 

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Johnson did not conceal his intentions. He admitted that he wore the shirt partially for reactions. 

“I did wear it sort of for a reaction, but I was also tired and  I wasn’t trying to stir anything up. I talked to the people around me on the plane and it was lowkey.  No one around me was offended at all, the complaints came from two flight attendants only, and they argued with me, and then when I said it was my first amendment right to wear the shirt, I was told that I did not have those rights on the plane and I would have to comply or leave the plane. I was tired from the day, so I turned the shirt inside out. But those women were hostile to me the whole flight.” The man said. 

He told the Gateway Pundit that he was afraid to order drinks. He was terrified that the attendants would spit in his drink if he were to order one. 

Johnson claimed that when the flight landed he turned his shirt back around and received compliments as he exited the aircraft. He alleged that even a pilot and another flight attendant complimented him. 

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Afterwards, another passenger emailed Johnson. “Hey Will!! I was on ur flight when they made you take your shirt off. It’s total bullshit.You should sue there ass!! I’m glad I got to meet you after the flight. Thank you for all that you do brother. I’m following you on everything now. Keep up the good fight.” The passenger wrote. 


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