Leftist paid 35000 by CNN to record Jan 6 capitol shooting

An under cover activist who recorded a fatal shooting during the January 6th Capitol riot was paid $35,000 by CNN and NBC for his footage. 

John Sullivan, the activist is currently facing criminal charges for being involved in the riots. However he was not a Trump supporter. Though he did not resonate or agree with the crowd, he could be heard repeatedly egging them on in his footage. 

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The payments came out due to the fact that Sullivan is using them as evidence that he was acting as a journalist rather than a rioter in court. However typically journalists don’t scream things like “burn it down” and “this is our house” after breaching the most important building in America. 

“Defendant is legitimately self-employed as a documentarian and it is oppressive to require that he not be allowed to continue his primary area of employment for an extended period of time,” claimed Steven R. Kiersh, Sullivan’s Lawyer. 

Sullivan very obviously in his own recordings played a part in riling the crowd up. One may even say… he incited a violent insurrection.


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