FDA Expands EUA TO 12 Year Olds

The FDA has expanded its Emergency Use Authorization for the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine to include children 12 and up. 

Previously this clearance was for children 16 years or older. After this, there should be little reason to keep schools closed. 

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It’s important to note that an Emergency Use Authorization is not FDA approval. Earlier this year White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki claimed in a video, that all vaccines available were approved by the FDA, but they are not. 

Emergency Use Authorization holds a completely different standard of testing. In order for a drug to be approved much more rigorous testing is required. EUA’s are specifically unapproved. 

This however does not mean that the vaccine is unsafe, it simply means that it is not as heavily tested. Long term effects may be uncertain. 

The effectiveness however, is known, and the likelihood of transmission is low. 

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