Trump Gone: Mainstream Media Struggle To Find Stories And Layoff Employees

With Trump out of the Whitehouse, and the media’s refusal to portray Biden in the same light, the industry is left Making job cuts. 

And finally the public has a legitimate reason to blame Trump for job loss. Without the former president in the Capitol, mainstream media companies are having a hard time finding stories to cover. 

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If they looked to the current White House, surely they could find some material. But of course, that would go against everything they stand for. 

According to a CNN article, the Huff Post made deep cuts after their merger with Buzz Feed. On March 9th it was announced that 47 Huff Post employees would be fired. After losing $20 million. VICE, has also been cutting many jobs, and MEL Magazine was completely shut down. 

Lara Bassett, an employee laid off 2019 blames big techs “monopolistic power” for the layoffs in recent years. 

News outlets are also competing with social media platforms and YouTube. Television broadcasts don’t bring in revenue like they may have 10-20 years ago, because not as many Americans watch television. 

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Allegedly the industry has been headed straight down since 2019 as compared to the past. In combination with a lack of Trump related activity, left wing media sources have been struggling. 

Though, This was not a surprise to anyone. Back in February twitter users commented on how they believed the media would make job cuts with Trump gone.

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