Florida House Passes Bill Banning Abortion In Some Cases

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The Florida house has passed HB1221. A bill that will ban abortions if the reasoning has to do with a disability the baby may have. 

According to healthline, 67% of babies diagnosed with down syndrome pre-birth are aborted in the United States. In Iceland 100% of women who discover down syndrome pre-birth abort their child. 

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This is a form of Eugenics. Eugenics is a form of selective breeding that was promoted by Hitler and the Nazi party during the 1930’s.

The idea is to remove any “unworthy” genes from the pool in order to establish superior humans. This effectively dehumanizes anyone who does not fall in the desired category. 

HB1221’s companion bill needs to pass in Florida’s senate in order to take effect. It’s unclear how it will preform, but Florida’s Senate is also Republican controlled. 

Democrats in the house argued that abortion based on disability is a “deeply personal matter” that the government should have no hand in. 

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It’s also fair to say that a mother should have no right to terminate a life that she created simply because that life has a disability that makes them “not good enough” 


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