Biden Administration ILLEGALLY Holding HUNDREDS of Migrant CHILDREN

On Sunday, Axios released a Department of Homeland Security leak that detailed 823 unaccompanied migrant children held under border patrol custody for over 10 days. The legal amount of their custody length is 72 hours.

They also reported 3,314 of these children were held for longer than the limit as well, the average being an estimated five days.

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When comparing these numbers to the week prior, there were only 185 children held for more than 10 days.

Rather than accepting the seriousness of the situation, Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, said the blame for the surge of migrants should be placed on the last administration.

Due to how former President Trump was strong on immigration, many migrants see the Biden Administration as the complete opposite, where they’ll help them all get into the United States.

A man traveling in a caravan from Honduras was interviewed by CNN Espanol in January said through “patience and prayers that we can get to the US because they have a new president. Biden.”

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He continued, “He’s going to help all of us, he’s giving us 100 days to get to the US and give us legal papers, so we can get a better life for our kids, and for our families.”

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