Ashli Babbitt’s Husband Says J6 Committee Ignoring Her Death

After the January 6 Committee’s first hearing, Ashli Babbitt’s widower spoke out about her death and members of the panel.

Babbitt, a veteran who was unarmed, was fatally shot in the neck by Lt. Michael Byrd on the day of the riot.

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In an interview about the riot, Byrd said “I know that day I saved countless lives”.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson pointed out that Byrd was not punished for accidentally leaving a loaded sidearm in a men’s bathroom at the complex.

“Leaving a loaded weapon in a men’s room if you’re a cop, that’s a deal-kill. But this guy kept his job,” he said.

Aaron Babbitt told Carlson that his late wife was never mentioned in the hearing on Thursday.

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“I had no intentions of watching [the hearing] in the first place,” Babbitt said.

“And, we can go back to last week when I was listening to Mayor Giuliani’s radio show. And when he was getting questioned by them, he straight up asked them, ‘Are you going to talk about Ashli Babbitt?'” he added.

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“And he said, everybody just blankly stared at him, looked down and looked like they were following a fly around the room,” he continued.

Babbitt said that comment was proof that the panel is not interested in investigating her death.

“I truly believe in my heart that they know it’s murder, so they can’t admit to it. And so they have to just bypass it and blow by it and just act like it never happened,” he said.


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