CNN Staffer Admits To Purposefully Misleading Americans During Election

A CNN staffer has admitted that the network intentionally pushed stories that made Trump look bad while suppressing stories that made Biden look bad. 

Fox News reported: A staffer for CNN spoke candidly to an undercover journalist about the political motivations the network had during the 2020 presidential election, boasting the left-leaning outlet helped defeat former President Donald Trump and even calling his own employer “propaganda.”

This is precisely what Trump meant when he said “fake news network”

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Charles Chester, CNN Technical Director said “Look at what we did, we got Trump out,”  “I am 100% going to say it. And I 100% believe it that if it wasn’t for CNN, I don’t know that Trump would have got voted out.”

Chester even referred to the stories as “propaganda” to help remove Trump from office. 

If you’re looking for real, stone cold election interference, it’s right under your nose. Look no further than CNN, one of America’s most popular (and most scandalous) “news” networks. 

“Trump was, I don’t know, like shaking his hand or whatever… we brought in like so many medical people to like all tell a story that, like, it was all speculation that he was like neurologically damaged, that he was losing it, he’s unfit to, you know, whatever,” Chester said. “We were creating a story that we didn’t know anything about.”  He asserted according to Fox. 

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Creating a story, that they knew nothing about. It is terrifying that such a disingenuous news outlet is able to become so popular and renown.

He claimed that while they damaged Trump’s reputation and labeled him as unfit for office they promoted the idea that Biden was healthy and in shape. He alleged that they would often show videos of him jogging or exercising. 

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 This, is how the left-wing media convinced the populus to vote out President Donald Trump. Exploitation and manipulation of information


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