“An Idea” Continues to Lay INSURRECTION in Portland

An estimated 50-60 people, as reported by KOIN, dressed in all black attacked the Mark Hatfield Federal Courthouse and federal law enforcement on Thursday night.

After the courthouse windows were smashed, law enforcement had to board up the breaches with plywood. This prompted the rioters to spray-paint “ACAB” (All Cops Are Bastards) and Black Lives Matter.

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Soon after, they lit a small fire outside of the building.

Independent journalist, Suzette Smith, noted there could’ve been as many as 100 rioters.

According to Smith, their outrage was a mix between the Line 3 pipeline expansion and the jury selection for the Derek Chauvin case.

Rather than call the rioters as members of ANTIFA or possibly BLM, as these actions are their trademarks in the area, Robert King, the Portland mayor’s Senior Public Safety Adviser, said the group was made up of, “self-described anarchists.”

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Later that Thursday night, the Portland Police Department tweeted they were aware of another potential “demonstration” happening on Friday, March 11, and throughout the weekend.


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