Portland Protestors DESTROY Private Property

Over the last year, Portland has been a hot spot for violent protests. Many had predicted that once President Trump was out of office, the unrest would cease and the city could rebuild.

It turns out, those predictions were inaccurate. The protests are not ceasing. Property continues to be damaged and destroyed as protests rage. Locals are not happy. T

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he New York Post wrote:

“Protesters smashed up several businesses during the latest night of destruction in Portland, Oregon — with fed-up locals screaming at them to “go home,” according to reports.

Around 150 black-clad protesters marched through the troubled City of Roses late Saturday, trashing businesses during “direct action” against Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Oregonian said”

Portland police claim that among the establishments destroyed were Banks, Grocery stores, coffee shops, and shipping businesses.

It is a true conundrum why protestors choose to target privately owned businesses when they are angry with actions taken by the government. It seems highly counter productive to the cause.

If someone has quarrel with the government the best course of action would be to get the public behind you. However destroying businesses only alienates citizens.

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