Biden Appoints New Border Patrol Chief Amidst Immigration Scrutiny

Jason Owens Appointed Border Patrol Chief After Title 42 Rescinded


On Friday, President Biden announced a new Border Patrol Chief amidst a recent increase in scrutiny over U.S. immigration policies. As Title 42, a pandemic-era directive that enabled authorities to expel most migrants for over three years was rescinded, Jason Owens, a senior Border Patrol official with more than two decades of experience, was appointed as Chief.

Owens was previously the leader of the Del Rio division in Texas, which handles one of the busiest areas for illegal crossings. He succeeds Raul Ortiz, who is set to retire at the end of the month after serving 32 years in the Border Patrol.

Despite a decrease in illegal crossings in recent weeks since Title 42 was lifted in May, US officials are expecting numbers to rise again this summer as thousands of migrants are making their way through South and Central America with plans to head to the United States.

In his previous position as Chief of the Del Rio division, Owens focused most of his efforts on preparing and responding to influxes such as these. He will also be in charge of addressing legal challenges to new Biden administration policies designed to discourage illegal border crossings.


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The Biden administration has stated that legal challenges may undermine their efforts to deal with the issue of border crossings.

With record levels of illegal migration at the southern border during the Biden administration, resources have at times become overwhelmed, drawing criticism from Republicans, who claim that the president is weak on border security. In response to Owens’ appointment, Alejandro N. Mayorkas, the Homeland Security secretary, described him as “talented” and “selfless.”

The Border Patrol is a 99-year-old agency responsible for securing the US borders with Canada and Mexico. Customs and Border Protection and the Border Patrol are organisations that Democrats have long attempted to make more transparent.

The Border Patrol union, which is mostly made up of pro-Republican agents, have been a strong supporter of former President Donald J. Trump and has criticised the Biden administration for ending some of Trump’s border policies.

Owens’ posting in Del Rio was at a time when a Haitian migrant spike in 2021 resulted in mostly illegal immigration into the US, which overwhelmed the resources of the border officers.

This response included agents on horses and was widely criticised after footage of what appeared to be an agent using his lasso as a whip went viral. Although an internal investigation found the use of “unnecessary” force by Border Patrol agents, there was no evidence to support allegations from migrants and others that horse reins were used to whip them.

However, the event representing 15,000 migrants crossing over the course of a few days has remained a low point for President Biden’s term in office. It was also a reminder of the criticisms the Border Patrol has faced over the years for their treatment of migrants.

Owens’ new position comes with a new era of Wall Street analysts predicting that the United States could be witnessing a massive Real Estate boom. Such estimation comes from market growth, cheap money, and extremely low mortgage rates.

The announcement of Jason Owens’ appointment as Border Patrol Chief by President Joe Biden may boost morale amongst Republicans and Trump supporters. Owens’ appointment has been met with glowing reviews from immigration reform advocates while critics continue to scrutinize the president’s policies.

The administration believes that Owens’ leadership and experience with dealing with the influx of migrants over the years are essential to combat the illegal migration issue at the southern border.

The Biden administration believes that discipline and effective control can mitigate the illegal immigration issue by implementing strict policies aimed at deterring illegal crossings.

Conservatives are wary of the policies enacted by President Joe Biden in immigration policies, and this might be the reason for the extra scrutiny given to the issue.

However, proponents of the new government policies are optimistic that with experienced hands like Jason Owens and his new policies designed to deter illegal crossings, the issue of illegal migration would soon be under control.

The appointment of Jason Owens to Chief of the Border Patrol might be a step in the right direction for mitigating illegal immigration. The appointment comes at a crucial time, given the urgency of the situation.

The current administration’s keenness on addressing the problem might play a significant role in mitigating the increased illegal crossing problems compared to Mr. Trump’s policies.

Illegal immigration in the United States has long been a controversial issue. The diversity of opinions regarding the issue has made it even more challenging to come up with one unified policy to manage it effectively. This issue has been a source of conflict between political parties over the years.

It is significant that the Biden administration is working on policies to help mitigate the illegal immigration glut in America. Policies aimed at ending this issue once and for all might seem controversial, but it is necessary to find a workable policy suitable for all parties involved.

The appointment of Jason Owens as the Border Patrol Chief is expected to foster a new era in the US immigration system. His experience in dealing with migrants’ influxes over the years might come in handy in managing the renewed surge of illegal crossings.

As the Biden administration continues to take steps to curb the tide of illegal migration in the United States, they hope that outgoing Border Patrol Chief, Raul Ortiz’s replacement Jason Owens, will be better suited to affect the change that they so desperately need.

His tenure has started at this delicate period when most of the illegal immigration is from central and south America. The Biden administration is optimistic that his expertise will lead to a more secure US border.

In conclusion, the appointment of Jason Owens as the new Chief of the Border Patrol is expected to herald a renewed effort in managing the current illegal immigration issue.

The United States remains vulnerable to illicit trade and terrorism due to illegal immigration. If the system is congested, it might affect the country’s security.

It is high time that the U.S. administration came up with practical and workable solutions to mitigate the issue on hand. With the appointment of Jason Owens, there seems to be a renewed hope that the surge in illegal immigration could be dealt with effectively. Only time will tell.


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