Chicago To Exempt Vaccinated Persons From Capacity Limits

With such a large amount of Americans now being vaccinated, major cities across the nation have begun reopening, or executing serious plans to reopen in the near future. There is a light at the end of the COVID 19 tunnel yet. 

Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago recently announced that Chicagoans who are fully vaccinated, will not be counted when considering capacity limits. 

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Lightfoot calls this, the “bridge phase”. During this phase, over reaching restrictions in the city of Chicago will loosen, allowing residents to return to normal their lives… as long as they are vaccinated. 

At this point in time, capacity limits will become larger, and gatherings with more than 10 vaccinated people will be allowed. Bars and restaurants can even seat groups of 10+. 

The rule that exempts vaccinated individuals from capacity limits is effective today, May 14th. 

“Starting tomorrow (5/14), businesses can exempt fully vaccinated individuals from capacity limits across all industries as part of the Bridge Phase of our reopening plan,” Lightfoot tweeted. “Restaurants & bars can also seat parties larger than 10 people if all patrons are fully vaxxed.”, Lightfoot tweeted yesterday.

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Under the mayors “bridge phase” nearly all public spaces will be legally allowed to open at above 50% capacity. Restaurants at 75%, gyms and stores at 60%. 

Many fail to understand, that forcing a 50% capacity on a restaurant not only limits the patrons, but also reduces the businesses income to 50% of what it once was. This hurts everyone. Employees especially. This often leads to staff cuts. 

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