Can’t Keep the Peace, Shots Fired Near George Floyd Square

To commemorate the anniversary of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, Minnesota, BLM and their supporters held festivities in “George Floyd Square” until they were interrupted by nearby gunfire.

Associated Press contributor, Philip Crowther, was speaking on camera speaking on police reform as the shooting took place.

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He then tweeted, “Everyone sheltered in place. Lots of running. No apparent need for medics.”

After reviewing the footage he took, Crowther estimated 30 rounds were fired.

Minneapolis Star-Tribune videographer, Mark Vancleave was harassed by who he claimed were “Bloods” gangbangers, and was “never to come back to George Floyd Square.”

According to the Minneapolis Police spokesman, John Elder, the shooter fled the scene “at a high rate of speed” after leaving one person wounded.

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The victim was taken to Abbott Northwestern Hospital and then transferred to Hennepin County Medical Center after the wounds were determined to not be life-threatening.

“This is an evolving incident. No further information is available at this time,” he continued.

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