Biden gun control to disarm America

While Biden was running for president he often talked about gun control and how he would implement it. He also had proposed legislation on his website, now he begins pushing to make it law. 

Among other things, Biden’s website claimed he would ban the online sale of firearms as well as ammunition and firearm parts. 

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Despite what it may sound like, online firearm sales are not like other online sales. In order to receive a purchased firearm one must pick it up from registered firearms dealer after it’s been ordered. Once there customers are required to have a background check and everything else that a normal purchase entails. 

As President Biden is pushing for an “assault weapons ban” as well as a ban on high capacity magazines. 


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Unfortunately the President has very little knowledge of how firearms work. He has displayed this several times with his rhetoric. 

In some videos he can be cited claiming “you don’t need a magazine with a hundred clips in it” and if you do, “you shouldn’t be hunting man, you’re dangerous” 

The only thing that gun control accomplishes, is disarming the poor and innocent, while simultaneously allowing criminals to remain armed. 

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