Can Texans Sue Abortionists? Democrats Meltdown

Democrats and the left wing media lost their minds Monday. A new Texas law will allow residents to sue abortionists if they are responsible for the death of a human with a heartbeat. 

The Heartbeat Act bans all abortions where a heartbeat can be detected. This most often occurs around the 6 week mark, but sometimes as early as 4. The legislation was signed on May 19, and now those responsible for breaching the law can be held accountable in civil court. 

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The pro-choice activist group, Emily’s list tweeted out “as a weapon in divorce proceedings, neighborhood feuds, and as a tool for abusive partners.” And concluded “It’s a weapon for oppression,”

Nearly every single crime that a person could be accused of can be used by persons to ruin another’s life, or as “a weapon for oppression.”

Men, especially men seeking high office on the right wing are often accused of sexual assault and rape when no evidence exists.

Those men are taken to civil court and publicly humiliated for weeks at a time until they are eventually exonerated, only to leave the court room with a life long mental scar and damaged reputation. 

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Men do not deserve to be falsely accused of non consensual sexual acts. This however, does not mean that we should take the ability to sue away from actual victims who’s statute of limitations is up. Real abusers should be held accountable. 

In the eyes of many, abortionists are immoral abusers who rob the right to life from the most vulnerable among us. The defenceless unborn, who were forced into a state of living by a mother who wishes to see his/her demise. 

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Others claimed that this law puts a bounty on women. But no credible source has claimed that this law allows for citizens to sue women. It merely opens the door for citizens to sue those who preform and assist abortions. 

Most effected would be those who’s profession, and purpose in the world is to end the lives of human offspring day-in, day-out. 


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