Israel Reaches Ceasefire Agreement With Gaza Terrorists

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Amid serious conflict, Israel and Gaza’s terrorists have agreed to a ceasefire. 

Reuters reported, that Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad militant group agreed to a Cairo-mediated truce to take effect late on Sunday, both sides said, raising hopes of an end to the most serious flare-up on the Gaza frontier in more than a year.

Israeli forces have been turning the pressure up. Since Friday jihadist forces have been barraged with offensives. 

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Each side released statements regarding the truce and appear to be on the same page. The conflict between Israel and Palestine more broadly, Hebrew and Arab people in the region have raged on for centuries. The most recent conflict first sparked in 1946 after the region was partitioned by the UN following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and Jewish people returning to their homeland after the Holocaust. 

Each side has for years been firing missiles at each other causing civilian casualties on both sides, often children. The difference is, however, that the Israelis warn before attacks, while Hamas hides in schools and behind children. 

The terrorist grouping uses schools as military bases, hoping that the Israelis won’t attack, and if they do, they look really bad. In reality, the wrong falls on Hamas for using their children as human shields. 


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