Taliban THREATENS America Over Lack Of Recognition

On several prior occasions the Taliban has threatened the United States with undetermined “consequences”. Now the terrorist organization turned government regime has brought demands to America once again. 

The Taliban have demanded that the U.S. formally recognize the government that it has formed in Afghanistan. Should the U.S. fail to comply, a spokesperson indicated that there would be ramifications of some sort. 

“Our message to America is, if unrecognition continues, Afghan problems continue, it is the problem of the region and could turn into a problem for the world,” said Zabihullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesperson. 

The Taliban, in the past have been known to be extremely violent. During the fall of Kabul and after the organization had seized the city, reports surfaced that the Taliban were going door to door with U.S. biometric databases left behind, and using them to identify Afghan civilians who had aided the United States over the last 20 years. Allegedly the civilians were then executed after being identified. 

The Taliban also opened fire on peaceful anti-Taliban protestors on several occasions killing multiple people. After shots rang out at one event, a stampede ensued that killed even more people. 

Fighters could also be seen on video outside of the U.S. embassy in Afghanistan shooting “death to America!” 

To say the least, they didn’t enter the world stage on a good foot. 

“Those issues which caused the war, they could have been solved through negotiation, they could have been solved through political compromise too,” the spokesperson said. This clearly wasn’t the case, due to the fact that the Taliban resisted negotiation with the previous Afghan government until being strong armed by President Donald Trump. 

As soon as Americans withdrew from the region under the Biden Administration, rather than negotiate the Taliban took the country by force. 

Zabihullah Mujahid claims that international recognition is the right of the Afghan people un-realizing that the world recognizes the Afghan people, but not the Taliban as their leader. 

At this time the U.S. has still not formally recognized the government and it’s unclear if the Biden Administration has any intentions to do so.