Charges Against the Teen Cop Shooter Dropped

C Blu, the teen rapper who shot himself and a police officer with an illegal firearm earlier this year was let off the hook this week. 

Cameron Williams, known better by his alias C Blu “cannot be prosecuted” according to the Bronx Law Department. The reason why he could not be prosecuted was not plainly stated. 

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His victim, Kaseem Pennant is a 27-year-old police officer who was shot in the leg during a scuffle with Blu. The incident happened in January, while Blu was on probation for a previous gun-related offense. 

This seems to be a reoccurring theme in New York City. The first female NYPD officer ever killed in action was Irma Lozada. She was killed by Darryl Jeter who was the suspect in a robbery. 

Jeter shot Lozada in the head and left her body in a vacant lot surrounded by garbage and weeds. 5 months ago Jeter was released on parole after 36 years behind bars. 

Why does New York City continue to release or refuse to prosecute hardened criminals, especially those with little regard for the law that they shoot and or kill police officers? 

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The city has made clear that they do not keep a watchful enough eye on criminals who are let go on parole/probation. This is evident in the C Blu case. He was on probation for a firearm-related offense, but was miraculously able to obtain a firearm and use it against an officer. 


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