MyPillow CEO Says FBI Seized His Phone

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MyPilllow CEO Mike Lindell announced Tuesday that FBI agents seized his cellphone and questioned him at a drive-thru in Minnesota.

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Lindell explained on his podcast, “The Lindell Report,” that he was approached in the drive-thru of a Hardee’s fast-food restaurant in Mankato.

He and a friend decided to pick up food in his hometown after a fishing trip when three cars pulled up and blocked his vehicle from exiting the drive-thru.

“I said to my buddy, I said ‘that’s either a bad guy or it’s FBI’,” he recalled on the podcast.

Lindell, who has previously insisted that Donald Trump won the 2020 election, said the agents questioned him about Mesa County clerk Tina Peters.

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Peters was “accused of helping an unauthorized person make copies of sensitive voting machine hard drives and attend an annual software update,” reported CPR News.

She was given seven felony charges and three misdemeanors, to all of which she plead not guilty.

“From the very beginning, this persecution has been about nothing but silencing anyone who dares to question our elections systems. They’ve done everything they can to me – but I will not be silent, and truth will prevail,” she said.

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“I said, ‘You know, you guys, are you going to arrest me?'” Lindell said on his show. “I said ‘I’ve been asking for you guys. This will make international… news!'”

The agents informed Lindell that they had “some bad news” and told him they had a warrant to confiscate his cell phone.

“I said ‘If I don’t give it to you, will you arrest me then?'” Lindell recalled saying to them.

He noted that he runs “five companies” off his phone because he doesn’t have a computer.

Human Events host Jack Posobiec said on Twitter that Lindell’s hearing aids are also controlled through his phone.

After calling his lawyer, Lindell said he handed his phone over to the agents.

In a video, Lindell displayed a letter signed by an assistant U.S. attorney in Colorado that said prosecutors were conducting an “official criminal investigation of a suspected felony.”

The letter noted that “a Federal Grand Jury in the District of Colorado” would be involved in the investigation.

FBI spokesperson Vikki Migoya in a statement to AP, “Without commenting on this specific matter, I can confirm that the FBI was at that location executing a search warrant authorized by a federal judge.”


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