Biden ‘I’m Not Supposed To Be Answering All These Questions’

Not long after Press Secretary Jen Psaki admitted that Biden has been instructed to not answer questions on the fly, this happened. 

The New York Post reported: President Biden was in a talkative mood Wednesday, at one point telling media members, “I’m not supposed to be answering all these questions.”

An almost insane-sounding statement from the president who allegedly ran for office in an attempt to “restore transparency to the White House”. Thus far, he has done anything but. 

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According to the Post, The President delivered remarks regarding COVID 19, and rising gas prices, but was drawn back by additional questions when he turned to leave. 

A specific question that was asked by an unidentified member of the press was “What’s your take on the end of your meeting, sir? Were you optimistic coming out of it today?” In reference to a meeting regarding infrastructure legislation.

He replied: “You guys are bad. I’m not supposed to be answering all these questions, I’m supposed to leave, but I can’t resist your questions.”

Perhaps, he would have been better off if her would have left the podium and not returned.

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