Biden CONFIRMS Withdrawal in Afghanistan

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden confirmed previously reported rumors about withdrawing U.S. forces from Afghanistan, the expected start date is May 1, the same time frame of former President Trump’s peace deal from last year with the Taliban.

Biden said at a press conference in the Roosevelt Room, “With the terror threat now in many places, keeping thousands of troops… in one country… to the cost of billions per year makes little sense to me or our leaders.”

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“It’s time to end America’s longest war, it’s time for American troops to come home,” he continued.

The president also recognized that he had nothing to do with the treaty’s deadline or its creation, but from the previous administration, and he will uphold it.

Addressing the concerns of the potential terrorist attacks during the withdrawal, Biden confirmed there would be a response and he would hold the Afghanistan government accountable as well.

“We will hold the Taliban accountable to their commitment not allow any terrorist threats to the United States or its allies from Afghan soil,” Biden said.

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Although there will no longer be a military investment in the country, Biden confirmed the U.S. and its allies will send monetary aid to Afghanistan.


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