Arizona Charity Donates $400k In Non-Lethal Aid To Ukraine

Arizona has taken the Russia-Ukraine war into its own hands, donating around $400,000 in tactical supplies to the invaded country. 

Fox News reported, that Ihor Koval, 58, was born in Ukraine and served in the Soviet Army prior to its dissolution in 1992. He later moved to America and raised a family, but he returned when conflict erupted in Donetsk in 2014 to help supply troops on the front lines through his charity, Evil Cannot Enter Heaven. 

The Koval family established an American extension of the charity, which can accept donations through its website or via texting UKRAINE to 56512 or at 1-866-447-6645.

Arizona’s governor Doug Ducey has worked to organize the rounding up of spare tactical vests, armor, and other equipment to be then shipped to Ukraine. 17 pallets of gear were shipped in total, weighing over 9,000 pounds. 

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The pallets consisted of bulletproof vests, armor plates, helmets, and several other forms of non-lethal, or non-weapon equipment that would be useful to the resistance. 

The. Ukrainians have also expressed the need for knee pads, generators, phones, pants, and basic uniform clothing but it’s unclear how many of these items may have been included in the shipment. 


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