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Trump Criticizes Justice System Protecting Biden’s on Town Hall

Trump Expresses Concern about Corruption in American Justice System


Former President Donald Trump appeared on Fox News’ town hall hosted by Sean Hannity and claimed that President Joe Biden and his family are being protected by the corrupt justice system in the United States. He also criticized the double standard in which he was treated compared to the Bidens. Trump emphasized that it is a one-sided system and that it is a very unfair system.

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Trump referred to the time when then-Vice President Joe Biden demanded to fire a Ukrainian prosecutor and halt an investigation into Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian natural gas firm where Hunter Biden sat on the board. Trump expressed that he pressed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to investigate the claims that the Biden family was involved with the firm. At that time, millions of U.S. military aid to Ukraine were frozen which Democrats claimed as a quid pro quo arrangement. Trump’s questions about Hunter Biden were not unfounded. At the time of Trump’s first impeachment, Hunter Biden was already under federal criminal investigation for his tax affairs which was opened in 2018.

Fox News Digital reported the existence of a federal investigation involving Hunter Biden in October 2020, ahead of the last presidential election. During the town hall, Trump mentioned that the laptop, which was purportedly belonging to Hunter Biden, contained evidence of corruption involving the Bidens in Ukraine. He stressed that the laptop became the basis of impeachment proceedings against him. Trump emphasized that he was right, and it is a dual system of government.

Trump said that the laptop affected the first impeachment hoax, and everything on the laptop was so bad and evil, yet no actions were taken regarding it. He added, “You can’t have law and order in a country where you have such corruption.” Trump stated that he should not have been impeached, especially if officials were aware of Hunter Biden’s illegal activities during his father’s term. Trump indicated his concern about the corrupt American justice system that protects the Biden family.

The House voted to impeach Trump in December 2019 on two counts of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Trump was also impeached in January 2021 on a charge of inciting an insurrection for the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, making him the first and only president to be impeached twice in history. However, the Senate voted for acquittal both times. Trump expressed his dissatisfaction with the impeachment charges, particularly the fact that they were based on false accusations.

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Trump reflected on the Russia investigation, highlighting that he was under siege from people who had been in Washington for years and were against him. He pointed out that his campaign was spied on, and he and his administration were under investigation and siege. Trump acknowledged that he had to fight back hard to deal with the opposition. He further mentioned that there must be a hefty penalty to pay for James Comey and the Democrats as per the Durham report.

Durham, appointed by former Attorney General Bill Barr, was tasked to investigate the origins of the FBI’s original Russia investigation, known as “Crossfire Hurricane.” The investigation examined whether the Trump campaign coordinated with Russia to influence the 2016 presidential election. Durham determined that the FBI relied largely on “investigative leads provided or funded (directly or indirectly) by Trump’s political opponents.” He also found that there must be severe consequences for Comey and the Democrats.

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Former U.S. President Donald Trump remarked that the United States justice system is corrupt and unfair in protecting President Joe Biden and his family. Trump was speaking at a Fox News town hall in Clive, Iowa, where he explained the double standards used to handle his and Biden’s families. When asked about his impeachment, Trump contended that he should not have been impeached, especially if officials knew about Hunter Biden’s activities with the Ukrainian gas firm Burisma Holdings.

A former Vice President Joe Biden initially demanded the firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor investigating the firm where Hunter Biden served on the board. President Trump later made claims on the same issue, leading to an inquiry into the Biden family’s business dealings in Ukraine. Trump believes that officials’ knowledge of these dealings at the time proves his point that he should not have been impeached. According to Trump, Hunter Biden was already under a federal criminal investigation for tax affairs when he was impeached.

Trump also pointed to Fox News’ Digital report that revealed a federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s actions in Ukraine. Trump found it concerning that evidence from that investigation was not used in his impeachment proceeding, instead relying on false information. According to Trump, the laptop that reputedly belonged to Hunter Biden had a lot of incriminating information that would have ended the impeachment case against him.

Donald Trump had warned that the corruption and bias of the justice system protect Joe Biden and his family. He added that it is a one-sided unfair system that needs fixing. Trump mentioned that it was necessary to avoid double-standards in handling politicians to have peace and order in society. According to President Trump, lawlessness prevails in a society plagued with corruption at any level of government.

President Trump had reiterated that he should not have been impeached, and the officials who knew about Hunter Biden’s illegal activities should have acted on them instead. Agent Hunter Biden faced federal criminal investigations for over a year in regards to his tax affairs. Trump had mentioned it during his impeachment proceedings.

During the town hall, Donald Trump cited Fox News’ Digital report that the laptop belonging to Hunter Biden contained a lot of criminal information linking the Bidens and Ukraine. Trump remarked that the laptop should have been used to end his impeachment saga, which was a hoax. President Trump had pointed out that the actions of the American just used to protect the Bidens show that the system is corrupt. Every individual deserves justice no matter their position.

Donald Trump expressed his thoughts on Hillary Clinton’s email scandal case, saying it was not adequately investigated, and the real perpetrators were not brought to justice. He pointed out that he was under constant surveillance from his campaign days in 2016, leading up to his presidency. Trump felt that finding out the wrongdoing of his opponents ensured his incumbency, emphasizing the importance of being tough and fighting back.

Donald Trump discussed the Durham report and the investigation of the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane, which aimed to determine if the Trump campaign worked with Russia to affect the 2016 election. The former President believes that the FBI had relied too much on information obtained from Trump’s political opponents, making the whole investigation biased. Durham found the real perpetrators and determined that there must be harsh consequences for the people involved.

Donald Trump discussed the unfair treatment he underwent and the double standards working against him. He pointed out that his impeachment was based on false accusations while neglecting the criminal activities of the Bidens. Trump firmly believes that the system is biased and unfair, particularly to those in government officials’ high ranks. He emphasized that justice should be served no matter who you are in society.

In conclusion, former President Trump expressed his thoughts about the unfairness and bias of the justice system. He reiterated that the Bidens are being protected by the corrupt system and pointed out the double-standard that they are benefiting from. According to Trump, justice should be served, particularly when a crime has been committed. He stated that he should not have been impeached, and the officials who knew about Hunter Biden’s illegal activities should have acted on them. He concluded by saying that a society cannot have law and order in the presence of corruption.


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