Tik Tok Censors Young ‘Americans Against Socialism’

In the last year, Tik Tok has become a primary platform for Young American voices. The political community has thrived and been highly productive in terms of discussion. 

For a long time, Tik Tok was great. Many felt that it was truly a place safe from censorship of big tech. That was until censorship began. Primarily towards conservatives. 

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Young Americans Against Socialism was banned permanently from the platform. They claim that they were not particularly surprised by the action from Tik Tok.

After claiming that there were “multiple community guideline violations” on the YAAS Tik Tok account, the profile was reinstated and brought back. Seemingly, there were no violations. However, when searching for the account on the platform it has miraculously disappeared once more. Perhaps they have been wiped from search results or have been banned altogether once again. 

This is the sad story of so many conservatives on social media and particularly on Tik Tok. Some accounts are banned day after day, each time Tik Tok indicating that their account does not violate their rules, only for the cycle to repeat. 

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