Putin Challenges Biden To Debate, Biden Is Too Busy

After Biden lofted personal attacks at Vladimir Putin, the Russian leader has challenged the US President. 

Fox News reported: 

“Putin, on Thursday, challenged Biden to an on-air conversation to discuss his latest warning that Putin would “pay a price” following a report containing evidence of attempted Russian interference in the 2020 presidential election. Biden had also agreed that the Russian president was a killer.

The White House seemingly turned down an invitation for a “live” public conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying President Biden is “quite busy” this weekend.”

Putin invited Biden to have a discussion, under the circumstance that the conversation would be broadcasted live with no delays. 

“But with no delays, directly in an open, direct discussion,” Putin asserted. Biden is of course, not up for the challenge.

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Putin said that he, will be on standby waiting for whenever the American side is ready for discussion. The White House had no additional comment.

Despite Biden calling Putin a “killer” and that he would “pay the price”, The Russian leader only responded with “it takes one to know one”.

Leftwing pundits claim that Republicans want to see the debate, because they agree with Putin’s governance. this is not true.

A strong leader, is able to defend their standpoints and the remarks they make. If Putin, is in fact such an awful leader then it should not be hard to shut him down in a conversation. But Biden refuses, because he is not a strong leader, and could not hold up in debate.

Republicans, do not want Putin to defeat Biden in debate. Republicans want a strong and capable president.


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