Staged Disney Walkout Fails In Florida

Disney employees staged a walkout on Tuesday at locations across the country in protest of a bill passed by the Florida legislature.

The Parents Rights in Education bill, which critics call the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, would stop Florida educators from teaching sexual orientation or gender identity in kindergarten through third grade.

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Disney and CEO Bob Chapek have faced immense criticism for the company’s response to the bill.

Chapek promised that “Disney would contribute millions of dollars more to LGBTQ causes. The CEO also said he would meet with DeSantis to express his and Disney’s opposition to the legislation,” reported Fox News.

Insisting that the company do more for the LGBTQ community, employees at Disney staged a walkout Tuesday. They also published a list of demands for the company.

The group ordered Disney to cease all campaign donations to politicians that voted for the bill, end investment in Florida until the bill is repealed, expand the company’s LGBTQ content, and make contributions to human rights advocacy groups.

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Approximately 60 Disney employees gathered at a park outside of Los Angeles carrying signs and chanting “Disney say gay. We won’t go away”.

It appears the walkout in Florida did not see the same turnout. Only one protester was seen in Orlando and park operation was not affected.

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Disney employee Nicholas Maldonado stood alone protesting outside of Walt Disney World in Orlando with a sign reading “Trans rights are human rights” and “#DisneyDoBetter”.


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