Psaki Touts Relief Bill As Most Progressive In History

In Jen Psaki’s March 8th press conference she claimed that the “American Rescue Plan” also known as the 1.9 trillion dollar stimulus plan is “One of the most consequential and progressive pieces of legislation in American History”

She then quoted Bernie Sanders, claiming “The rescue plan is the most significant legislation to benefit working families in the modern history of this country” 

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It would appear that Psaki and Sanders have forgotten about legislation such as the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (passed when Bernie Sanders was at the adult age of 23), the Voting Rights Act of 1965, legislation granting the right to same sex Marriage in Vermont, New Hampshire, DC, New York, Rhode Island, and Delaware all before 2014. 

While these pieces of legislation don’t directly relate to the work place, they certainly benefit working families in a major way and were passed in modern times. If the ARP was put against other bills in American History it would not even register as a top 10.

The narrative begins to switch. Rather than calling it “the most —- bill in history” not its “the most —- bill in recent memory.” This is a major issue with bills that tackle lots of issues. they tend to be harder to pass because they cause more disagreements. Congress would be far more productive if they were voting on an issue by issue basis and not trying to cram 600 pages of legislation through the works each time. Especially when matters are so pressing.

This is not the first time America has run into this issue in the last few months.

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But this bill is not as great as democrats would have you believe. While some of its methods are very beneficial there’s no mystery surrounding its struggles. 

The bill would grant stimulus checks to prisoners – people who are incarcerated and have their entire lives funded by tax dollars. If their loved ones need checks, then they should apply for them.

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These checks would not stimulate the Economy in any way. 

Aside from this Biden appears to have no concept of how the cost of living varies from area to area. The plan provides stimulus checks to anyone making under $80,000 a year. 

In a low income rural area, citizens making $80,000 per year may be considered rich. The money provided to them may be better suited elsewhere. 

Sanders would have you believe this bill is the pinnacle of human existence because he is a socialist. He is more than happy to see tax dollars go to waste. 


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