The Argument That Led Up To The Ma’khia Bryant Shooting Was Over Housekeeping

Prior to a new statement from Ma’khia Bryant’s foster care mother, many believed that the 16 year old was being “jumped” by individuals who were not supposed to be in her house. 

Ma’khia’s Foster care mother, Angela Moore claimed that the fight started over housekeeping. 

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Some of Moore’s former foster care children were at her house for a birthday celebration when the argument broke out. 

“They argue all the time,” said Moore. She wasn’t concerned at first due to this fact. 

When the oldest foster care child told Ma’khia to clean up, because their mother doesn’t like a dirty house, Ma’khia said “You’re not the guardian of me,”.

The argument escalated from there. 

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CNN reported: 

Moore said she received a frantic call from one of the former foster children, who is seen in police body camera footage wearing pink and recoiling as Ma’Khia lunges at her with a shimmering knife.

“Mom, get home. Where are you? They’re going crazy,” Moore said the young woman told her. “She said they shot Ma’Kiah and I said, ‘Huh?’ It was just crazy.”

According to the Columbus Police Chief, The first 911 caller has yet to be identified.

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By the time the police had showed up Ma’khia was frantically swinging a knife at the other girls. She attempted to stab the girl in pink directly before being shot. 


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