Psaki Blames Republicans for Police Defunding

When something stinks, you want to throw it out; and in Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s mind there’s no better trash can than republicans.

Upon voting against the “American Rescue Plan”, just another bloated spending bill with a focus-grouped, family-friendly-sounding name, the Biden Admin wasted in seizing the opportunity to frame the GOP as, well, themselves. The American Rescue Plan contained about $350 billion for state and local departments. It is understandable, however, that onlookers might be skeptical of using rural and suburban tax dollars to fund major urban centers that have been at fault for massive spikes in crime, and doing very little with their existing policing capabilities in the first place.

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It should come as a surprise to no one, but the “defund the police” rhetoric that has pervaded political discourse over the past year is not particularly popular to anyone who understands the basic premises of cause and effect. That being said, it is popular among the far-left; who support a bevy of absurd nonsense because their comrades will crucify them if they don’t. That and it’s a cheap way to get what you want from shops in the city without paying for it.

The continued exodus of taxpayers from the worsening metros across the country is proof-positive regarding the preferred approach to policing. All of the money that comes out of the FED in a year won’t stop crime if cops on the beat don’t feel like sticking their necks out for a population that is told every day that they are predatory or when corrupt district attorneys turn loose everyone that’s actually brought in. The absurdity of Jen Psaki, and by extension the Biden Administration asserting suddenly that they are the party of law and order is a testament to their delusion that fluff pieces in mainstream publications are enough to cover their tracks in the age of internet archives and live feeds of riots.


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