Texas City To Declare Itself “Sanctuary For The Unborn”

A Texas city, Lubbock has passed ordinance declaring itself a “sanctuary city for the unborn”.  The measure would prohibit abortions in the city. 

This comes shortly after Planned Parenthood opened their first clinic within the cities limits. Lubbock is not the first city to take such steps. They are among a dozen others but they are the largest.

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Lubbock voters backed the prohibition with a  62% vote in favor, and 38% against. 

The movement to outlaw abortion in the city has been strong for two years but was instigated by Planned Parenthood’s arrival in the city. Activists gathered enough signatures to bring the ordinance before the city council. 

The Texas Tribune reported: “The outcome could prompt a lawsuit over what opponents say is an unconstitutional ban on abortion. The vote comes less than a year after Planned Parenthood opened a clinic in the West Texas city.”

The tribune reported that it is unknown when the prohibition would take effect due to likely court battles.


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