Australia in Cyber-WAR

Channel Nine, Australia’s largest domestic media company, suffered a cyber-attack on Sunday the same time the Australian parliament was hit.

Due to the cyber-attack, none of Channel Nines’s live shows like their morning or evening news shows.

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Channel Nine said in a statement, “A cyber attack on our systems has disrupted live broadcasts today however, we have put processes in place to ensure we’re able to resume our normal broadcast schedule.”

The Assistant Minister for Defence, Andrew Hastie, told the Australian government shut down their internal email servers as a way to lockdown any sensitive information.

Hastie said, “This is a timely reminder that Australians cannot be complacent about their cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is a team effort and a shared responsibility. It is vital that Australian businesses and organizations are alert to this threat and take the necessary steps to ensure our digital sovereignty”

Nine Entertainment, Channel Nine’s parent company, confirmed the attack was targeted, but it’s still unclear if the parliament and the media attacks are linked.

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