Biden Will Finally Have a Press Conference After 56 Days

After nearly two months of being the President of The United States, Joe Biden plans to finally hold his first press conference. 

Why has Biden refused to have a press conference until now? it’s not easy for a person to enact destructive policy and then explain to the people who are effected, why they did it.

CBS News wrote: 

“President Biden will hold his first press conference as president on March 25, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Tuesday. The news comes after questions from reporters and urging from critics that he do so.

By this point in their presidencies, former Presidents Trump and Obama had held some form of a press conference. When Mr. Biden holds his first press conference, he’s sure to face questions on the situation at the southern border, the possibility of an infrastructure package, vaccines and more.”

Kayleigh McEnany, the previous press white house secretary expressed her feelings towards the situation on twitter.

This will be one of Biden’s first major tests as president. Can he withstand the same barrage of loaded media questions that Trump could? Or will Biden crack? Will be ignore questions he doesn’t like? Does he even have answers? 

Naturally many already know what to expect from this press conference. An utter disaster. Or selective question answering. With any luck, Biden will be held accountable for his destructive executive orders.

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