Psaki Admits The Government Is Working With Big Tech To Censor Americans

Jen Psaki has admitted that the United States Government is helping social media companies decide what posts to censor.

“We are regularly making sure, social media platforms are aware of the latest narratives dangerous to public health.” Psaki said in a press conference Thursday. 

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She cited the narrative that the COVID 19 vaccine causes infertility. Psaki said, “We want to know that the social media platforms are taking steps to address it.”

This is incredibly troubling.. whether this “narrative” is true, or not it does not matter. The American citizens should be free to peruse possible truths and information without the government telling tech goliath’s to shut them down. 

Psaki admitted in another press conference that the federal government, “we”, are flagging posts that deemed to be misinformation.

This is undoubtedly a violation of the first amendment. The federal government pressuring a private company to take action against legal speech. 

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“You shouldn’t be banned from one platform and not others – for providing misinformation.” The Press Secretary said. 

There’s just one issue with that Jen – there is almost no defining truth in any situation. Nearly all topics are up for debate. 

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Objective truth is very rare. The sky is blue, the grass is green. Most other things are based on perspective and can be changed by new outlooks and evidence. 

Especially when it comes to politics, there are very few things that can be seen as ultimately true. We typically consider the person with the best made case for something to be “correct” or “telling the truth.” 

But a better case, or an argument for a more accurate truth can always be made. So this begs the question: 

Why is what Big Tech organizations deem to be true more valid than what any of us deem to be true? What if these tech tyrants don’t even agree with eachother? 

What if they decide to not censor things that are untrue, but instead censor things that they disagree with? The issue is… they already do. 

If they united together they could render any ideology extinct given a long enough period of time.  


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