Professor To Sue University For Forcing Him To Use Transgender Pronouns.

A Christian professor, back in 2016 was reprimanded for refusing to use a students preferred  pronouns.  He is now looking to sue the university who employs him for damages relating to his first amendment right to free speech. 

Fox reported “According to the 6th U.S. circuit court of appeals, Nicholas Meriwether, a philosophy professor at Shawnee State University, argued a new rule by the university requiring faculty to refer to students by their preferred pronouns did not reflect “biological reality” and contradicted his devout Christian beliefs.”

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Th court has now decided that Meriwether can sue in order to prove that his rights were violated.

The school gave the philosophy professor a written warning. In the warning they claimed that for violating their conduct, he could be fired or suspended without pay. 

This occurred after a transgender student reported him for not complying with their female pronouns. 

The professor, claims that if he does not sue, it will be difficult for him to obtain a job outside of the university that he currently works for. 

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The transgender community is not happy to say the least. The want “equal rights’ but only when it applies to them, and not for those who have differing opinions. In a show of irony they stand united against the same right that allows them to stand united in the first place.


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