NSA Admits To Revealing Tucker Carlson’s Identity

At the end of June Fox News Host Tucker Carlson accused the National Security Agency of spying on him. he claimed that the NSA was reading his private texts and emails and revealing those materials to journalists.

Carlson believed that this was an attempt by the NSA to have his show taken off the air, a fascist style censorship plot from the federal government

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The Daily Caller reported, He said that a source from inside the federal government tipped him off to the spying. Carlson confirmed that the spying was taking place, he said, when the source repeated information about a story Carlson was working on that could have only been gathered from the Fox News host’s private texts and emails.

The NSA denied that Carlson was the target of intelligence-seeking operations. Carlson later claimed that the NSA had leaked contents of his private communications to journalists in order to try and take his show off the air.

Now, Biden Administration’s NSA has openly admitted to unmasking Carlson’s identity. 

This was first reported Friday by The Record. The report claimed that Carlson’s identity was unmasked by the agency after it was mentioned by “a third party” during an intelligence gathering. 

Legally the identity of private citizens are meant to remain concealed during intelligence gathering. 

“The NSA has just completed its internal review of the matter. The NSA now admits that it unmasked Tucker’s identity after an intelligence intercept.” Said Fox News’ Mark Steyn, “By law, the identities of American citizens are concealed when they’re caught up during foreign intelligence gathering. They can only be unmasked in extraordinary circumstances.” He concluded. 

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Fox News released their own statement defending their show host, and condemning the extremely suspicious behavior at the NSA. 

“For the NSA to unmask Tucker Carlson or any journalist attempting to secure a newsworthy interview is entirely unacceptable and raises serious questions about their activities as well as their original denial, which was wildly misleading,” The organization said in a statement to The Record. 

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It is extremely concerning that a government organization commanded by the President is spying on those politically opposed to his own objectives, and possibly seeking to censor those deviant persons. 


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